About Us

Health Support Solutions Australia Pty Ltd is a regionally based company providing total health solutions, supporting workplaces, organisations and homes in ensuring safe and healthy environments through first aid. 

With a wide range of products and services our experienced and knowledgable staff can tailor a solution to meet your specific needs.

Meet our team:

Brendan Bourne

Managing Director

Registered Paramedic


Brendan is a full time paramedic, working for the past 10 years with a state statutory ambulance service.  With experience in both metropolitan and regional environments, volunteer experience in fire-fighting and rescue, as well as volunteer and paid event and industrial health support, Brendan is well equipped to advise on your first aid and health support needs.


Josh Clark

Sales Consultant

Emergency Medical Technician


Josh has extensive experience in planning and delivering emergency and medical services in the community and diverse event settings. Josh has worked in the government and private emergency services sector for over a decade, in emergency response, community preparedness and resilience roles.

With his years of experience in multiple disciplines including; fire-fighting, mines rescue and event and industrial health support and experience in first aid training, medical device and health sales, his wealth of knowledge positions Josh at the forefront of advising your first aid and health support needs.


Kevin Franklin

Field Service Representative

First Responder


Kevin has a long history of assessing and advising workplaces on first aid solutions to meet their specific needs.  Well known in local rugby league circles Kevin regularly provides sports training and first aid services to local clubs and representative teams.   With Kevins years of experience, he provides excellent in field client services.