Defibrillators (AEDs)

Health Support Solutions Australia (HSSA) is dedicated to saving lives. Its our goal to have a Defirbillator in every workpace, school, community group, and home! Defibrillators save lives, and the life it saves might be your own.

Did you know.... that in Australia approximately 30,000 people suffer a cardiac arrest outside of hospital and are treated by pamedics & ambulance officers each year. 

An average of only 9% of these victims in Australia survive. A shocking statistic. 

It can happen anytime, anywhere and to anyone, even young athletes. Early defibrillation is the single most effective treatment for SCA Defibrillation within three minutes of collapse can increase the chance of survival to over 70%.

You are more likely to die from a sudden cardiac arrest than a fire....... But you wouldn’t think twice about having a fire extinguisher in the home or workplace would you!

Whether you at home, in the workplace or travelling on the open road. A Sudden cardiac arrest is deadlyDon't wait its never to late to be prepared!


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